The roasted and ground seeds, or Wholesale roasted coffee beans, of the coffee plant, a tropical evergreen shrub, are used to make coffee. Caffeine is abundant in coffee, and its effects have long been a key factor in the drink's popularity. Coffee is a well-known caffeinated beverage whose flavor is instantly recognizable for its energizing effect. In its most basic form, coffee is made from the seeds of a tropical tree. There are countless various coffee brands that have become famous all over the world. You won't be short on options when it comes to coffee. Want to experience the best coffee then just contact the Coffee bean wholesale supplier near you quickly. Today I am here to discuss spray-dried coffee.


Spray-dried coffee, sometimes known as "powdered" instant coffee, is the most cost-effective and widely used product in both bulk and consumer packs. To get the rich flavor, we acquire and blend the best beans from throughout the world. The feed to the spray dryer in the spray-dried process is a mixture of concentrated aroma and hydrolyzed fractions, along with the preserved aroma components. The extract is dried under circumstances that preserve low powder temperatures to maximize scent retention. Coffee can be dried using many types of spray dryers. The use of in-line gas mixers allows for bulk density and color control. In the spray drying system, inert gas is introduced into the feed system shortly before the nozzle atomizer.

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The water in the spray-dried process is allowed to evaporate, resulting in a concentrate. In a massive hot-air chamber, concentrated coffee is sprayed from a high tower. The remaining water evaporates as the drops fall. Dry coffee crystals fall to the chamber's bottom, where they are gathered in storage containers. When compared to freeze-dried coffee, the high temperatures used in this procedure tend to damage the oils in the coffee, resulting in a loss of flavor. The Drying Temperature of spray-dried coffee is 40-180 degrees Celcius


Spray-Dried Coffee Production

Step 1

This stage entails employing industrial bulk brewers to produce enormous volumes of freshly brewed coffee. In industrial brewers, freshly ground coffee is mixed with hot water until the desired level of extraction is achieved. The method can be a drip filter, which many people use at home, or an industrial version of the coffee percolator. In the initial brewing chambers, a lot of waste is produced in the form of used coffee grounds. These days, however, they are recycled for use in animal feed, used as organic fuels, or composted.

Step 2

The resulting coffee booze liquid is next concentrated using an evaporation process, which removes part of the volatile aroma components and stores them for later use before packing.


This stage yields a thicker, more viscous coffee liquid, which is suitable for the following step in the production of spray-dried instant coffee.

Step 3

The concentrated liquid coffee is then delivered to the spray-drying tower to be transformed into powder. This is accomplished by passing coffee concentrate through an atomizer, which breaks it up into minute droplets. As the falling droplets come into touch with the drying gases, they rapidly lose their water content. They float in the drying air and are usually separated by centrifugal force.


However, the powdered coffee produced is frequently too fine to be useful. As a result, it frequently undergoes a process known as agglomeration, which produces a more usable and aesthetic product. A partial rehydration procedure gathers the small coffee particles into larger particles, resulting in a more visually appealing end product that is between powder and freeze-dried coffee inconsistency.


Spray-dried coffee is far less expensive to produce than other types of coffee, which is regarded as a higher-quality product.


Spray-dried Coffee with its Best Mixes.


Spray-dried coffee is best used as a basic component in instant coffee blends (such as 2 in 1 coffee, 3 in 1 coffee, or 4 in 1 coffee, for example) and other drink recipes. Spray-dried coffee, in particular, can be used to make coffee-flavored candies or canned coffee.


  1. Operating costs of spray-dried coffee are low.
  2. The process of spray-dried coffee is that dries quickly.


  1. Cleaning takes a long time.
  2. Because high spray drying temperatures are used, raw materials are subject to degradation.

Quality of Spray Dried Coffee

Because of the high temperature, spray drying normally dries faster, but it also loses part of the original flavor and color of the products.


An instant coffee uses innovative aroma recovery technology to preserve the scent, ensuring the highest possible product quality.



  1. Fine powder 
  2. A dark or light brown color.
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More affordable pricing implies a higher level of production efficiency.

Options for packing


  1. Bulk packaging: export standard huge bags of 10kg or cartons of 25kg with polyethylene liner.
  2. Spray Dried coffee can be packed in Jars, Pouches, Tins & Sachets

To fill a 20 ft container, 600 bags of 10kg or 240 cartons of 25kg are required.



Store in a cold, dry, room-temperature environment, keeping it close, tight, and out of direct sunlight.


Under normal storage conditions, the shelf life is 18 months from the date of manufacture.


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