There are two most popular varieties of coffee beans- Arabica & Robusta. The coffee produced in the world is a combination of these two varieties only and that is why, without knowing the difference between them, we develop a liking for one of both of these varieties. And then there is Green Coffee, the health secret for several WeightWatchers and also the best source of antioxidants known to mankind. The market for coffee is growing gradually and more and more Indian tea & coffee suppliers are already venturing into the coffee market. 

If you are a coffee lover with curiosity to know how many different varieties of coffee are and what’s the difference, this post might be the best to cater to your desire for information. 

Coffee beans:

Arabica coffee beans come from a distinct species of coffee plant called Coffea arabica. It is believed that Arabica is the first-ever coffee variety to be cultivated. It is believed that coffee was first cultivated in Yemen and/or Ethiopia. 
Robusta Coffee Beans come from another coffee plant species called Coffea canephora. The coffee was first cultivated in Africa and has now become popular around the globe. 
Green Coffee, on the other hand, can be unroasted beans of either coffee Arabica or coffee Robusta. They are basically raw and unroasted coffee beans from any species of coffee plant.
 Arabica & Robusta coffee differs in a number of aspects and each one of them is described here at great length. Later in the blog, we will describe green coffee and why the wholesale coffee price for Green coffee is higher than any other type of coffee. 

Arabica vs. Robusta:

Coffee Plant:
We have already explained that the two coffee beans come from different species of coffee plants, these plants differ from one another in different aspects. The plant, Coffee Arabica is a shrub-like plant that is smaller in size and grows in shade as compared to Coffee Robusta which is a tall plant that enjoys direct sunlight. 
The flower of the two varieties is also different wherein the flower of the Arabica coffee bears an ivory color but Robusta flowers are bright white. 

Caffeine levels:
It is concluded in several types of research that the caffeine content is higher in Robusta beans than it is in Arabica beans. As per the stats, Robusta beans have 60% more caffeine than Arabica beans. This is why the health benefits and tastes of the two coffees are different significantly.

Acrylamide Levels:
Acrylamide is a known carcinogen and is found in coffee. Although the presence of Acrylamide in coffee is considerably negligent, it is best to limit the consumption of coffee to prevent the risk of developing cancer. The research done on the coffee beans stated that the levels of Acrylamide are half in Arabica beans than it is in Robusta beans. If you are concerned about the acrylamide levels in your coffee, you must buy dark roasted coffee from the coffee and wholesale tea suppliers in India and also by limiting the brewing time. 

Acidity levels
The acidic range of coffee is low and hence it is considered an acidic beverage. It is measured 5-6 on the pH scale. The higher concentration of chlorogenic acids (CGAs) in coffee makes the drink highly acidic in chemical terms. Again, Robusta coffee beans are higher in terms of acidity than Arabica beans. However, the acidic nature of the coffee beans can be killed by roasting them for a longer time. This is the core reason why you must buy coffee in wholesale which is dark roasted as it is easier to drink and digest. 

It is important to note that there are two types of acidity when it comes to food, one is chemical acidity which we just explained in the above paragraph and the other is taste acidity. Taste acidity means how you feel when you drink the beverage. In terms of taste acidity, Arabica means taste softer which means the acidic profile is less. One reason why Arabica is less acidic in taste is that it has lower caffeine content.

Another distinction in the taste of the two beans is that Arabica coffee has a high amount of natural sugar content as compared to Robusta. This is why Arabica coffee tastes sweeter than Robusta, almost double.

Roasted Arabica beans have a heavenly smell, much stronger than Robusta beans. In general, the lipid profile of Robusta is lower than Arabica. When roasted, this natural oil fuses and makes the beans aromatic. 

Green Coffee:

As aforesaid, Green coffee is the raw and unroasted version of coffee. Green coffee offers more health benefits as the unroasted feature prevents the essential Oils and features of the beans from escaping.   When it comes to flavor, green coffee tastes lighter than regular coffee- Arabica/ Robusta. You might get a somewhat grassy taste and find the brew thicker but it just depends on the way you brew the coffee. 

Green coffee is also more acidic than your regular cup of coffee. The coffee beans would appear somewhat amber in color with a hint of green to them. 
The wholesale coffee price of Robusta, Arabica, and green coffee is different depending on their quality. There are coffee and wholesale bean suppliers that deal in a variety of these coffees. Now that you know the difference, go ahead and buy the best Arabica, Robusta and green coffee as per your taste and health preferences.