Indian soil is blessed to cultivate the best type of coffee in the world. No doubt Chikmagalur Coffee is one of the best produces in India. For many of us, Coffee is a necessity and Chikmagalur Coffee is certainly one variety of coffee that always leaves you wanting for more. Chikmagalur Coffee is one of the premium coffee varieties of India. You can buy coffee beans wholesale from premium manufacturers. If you are someone who loves their mugs of coffee to the core, we have the post crafted for you especially. 

History of Chikmagalur Coffee 

Chikmagalur is known as the birthplace of coffee in India. The place is known as the “Coffee land of Karnataka’, the ‘Coffee paradise of India’ and more such names. Coffee farming started in Chikmagalur around 350 years ago. The slopes of Baba Budan Giri Hills in Chikmagalur were the first site where coffee cultivation first started. As per the ancient literature, Arabs are to be credited to bring coffee to India and start the now legend coffee farming on Indian soil. 

The ancient tales suggest that Baba Budan also known as Hazarat Shah Janab Allah Magatabi went on pilgrimage to Mecca and on his way back, he stole seven seeds of coffee. He sowed these seeds in his field near Chandragiri and the rest is history. 

The Chandragiri hills were then known as Chandra Drona and later were named Baba Budan Giri on the name of the peer. Later, the Maharaja of Mysore, Maharaja Krishna Raja Wodeyar III allotted land for coffee plantation and boosted the farming in India. History states that Tipu Sultan too promoted coffee production in India by offering prizes and tax-free lands to the farmers. 
The lush green Chikmagalur Coffee plantation

The coffee plantation in Chikmagalur is spread across acres of land. The lush green plantation is maintained by local farmers and makes a picturesque sight. Tourists from across the world visit Chikmagalur to experience the harvesting of coffee. There are several resorts located in and around the plantation area which offer live coffee tours and processing experiences. Imagine how wonderful your day would be when you start it with the fresh aroma of coffee beans. The beautiful hills station in Karnataka offers you a chance to experience the freshness of coffee at its purest. The coffee’s whole price depends on its origin place and variety. 

The coffee museum:

Knowing about the amazing Chikmagalur Coffee is incomplete without mentioning the famous coffee museum in Chikmagalur. The Coffee Yatra offers you a sneak peek into the amazing word of your favorite brew. Established by the Coffee Board of India the coffee museum and training center is a must-visit site for all coffee enthusiasts. The museum offers great insights into a coffee plantation and the conversion of the beans to the cup. The tour also throws light on Indian coffee culture, the local coffee harvesting practices, coffee whole price, as well as the technology & R & D behind the famous Chikamagalur coffee. You can also enjoy the varieties of Chikamagalur coffee at the museum. 


Different types of local Chikamagalur coffee:

Chikamagalur is the land of diversity as there are different types of coffee harvested and brewed in the coffee land of India. All the varieties are different in taste and aroma and tasty to the core. Some of the distinct types of Chikamagalur coffee available in the market are:

Panduranga Coffee

Grown and harvested by the local planters, Panduranga Coffee is one of the premium Chikamagalur coffee varieties. The beans are roasted and grounded skillfully to retain the amazing taste, aroma and flavor of the coffee. You can buy coffee online from the best manufacturers. It has a strong flavor and aroma. You can enjoy it as espresso or add cow’s milk to make a creamier and richer version of it. 

Arabica Coffee

For those who like their coffee a little sweet, Arabica Coffee is a grab. The coffee beans are grounded and brewed till the concoction becomes copper-colored. Served in a perfect cup, the coffee is presented with a spoonful of sugar. It offers you a boost of caffeine that lasts on your taste buds for a long time. 

Vanilla Coffee 

A vanilla-infused cup of your favorite coffee, what can be a better start? The coffee is prepared by dipping vanilla beans in freshly brewed coffee to enhance the taste and aroma. 

Blended coffee

The combination of two amazing coffee varieties- Arabica and Robusta the blended coffee is a blessing for coffee lovers. The two coffees Arabica and Robusta are mixed in a proportion of 90:10 to create the perfect blend. The perfection of beans roasting is what makes the coffee so delicious and satisfactory. 

Mysore coffee

Mysore coffee is strong and aromatic. The unique taste of the Mysore coffee beans makes this coffee so amazing that you feel satisfaction right from the first sip. The Mysore coffee is made by adding a variety of aromatic herbs to it.
Chikamagalur coffee is recognized around the world and its demand in local as well as the international market is exemplary. The coffee when harvested and processed by the experts tastes divine. There are different local coffee bodies that produce Chikamagalur coffee and you can buy coffee beans wholesale from them. The coffee’s whole price depends on the manufacturers as well as the quality, and premium features of the brew. 

If you are a coffee lover, now would be the best time to buy coffee online and enjoy the premium taste and flavor.