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Brazil Santos Grade 19 Arabica Roasted Beans

Coming from a farm located between two looming volcanoes the coffee has become a perfect example of how a farm can become more than a source of delicious coffee. The farm has on-site schooling and implements impressive sustainable practices for coffee processing. Is there any more of a versatile coffee that a good Guatemalan coffee? This coffee is great at almost any roast level, it works with almost any brewing style, including cold brews, French presses, espressos, americanas, cappuccinos, and lattes. If you prefer a piquant cup go with a medium roast or lighter. Many coffee drinkers prefer their Guatemalan coffees at a Full City Roast or darker where the chocolate/spice tones come to the front in a much more vibrant way. Region: Esquipulas Grade: SHB Botanical Species: Arabica Screen Size: 19 Process: Washed Altitude: 1.600 meters above sea level Roast Degree: Medium Tasting Notes: Rich chocolatey-cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness


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Product Name: Brazil Santos Grade 19 Arabica Roasted Beans
Product Category:Coffee
Product SubCategoryArabica
Place of originKarnataka
Tare weight/bag (kgs)2