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Golden Needle Tea

Golden tips tea is a rare tea grown at an altitude of 6000 feet. They get their name from the reddish variety of the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. Golden tips are picked in the morning before they unfurl in the heat of the sun. Golden Needle tea is made with only the newly sprouted tips. tea tips are the small, unopened leaves of the tea plant. Due to the remote location, it is usually difficult to find seasonal tea pickers and the tea plants have undertaken a slightly ‘bushy-grown’ character. Older tea plants yield less but produce significantly better flavor profiles. tea tips were the sweetest part of the tea leaf—the tea plants store all of the nutrients over the winter, so in the spring, the nutrients are pushed out in the first tea tips. The Golden Needle Tea are small buds that are carefully plucked, the leaf has a coating of gold color that makes it soft and velvety to touch. . It has a warm, red apple aroma with roasted cane sugar sweetness. These gorgeous, small buds produce a cup that is medium to full-bodied and complex with astoundingly sweet, floral notes and dark, earthy undertones. Lingering on your taste buds, This marvelous golden needle tea is Handmade.


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Product Name: Golden Needle Tea
Product Category:Black Tea
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Place of originWest Bengal
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GNTFEB22FTGF OPhttps://prod-simplify.s3.ap-south-1.amazonaws.com/images/2342a232-6d5a-4690-a179-397608366d3d.webp